Parish Milestones

Parish Births:

Congratulations to –
Malek & Maya Macaron, on the birth of their son, Jude – 6/23/2015.
Tim & Therese O’Flaherty on the birth of their daughter, Elise Maureen – 8/7/2015.

Parish Weddings:

On Saturday, August 8th, Samuel Francis Hatch, son of Michael and Diana Hatch, & Ashlie Marie Hueselbusch were married!  May you have many beautiful years together!  God bless!!

Parish Anniversaries:

April 26th:  Happy Wedding Anniversary to Jason & Mattye Thompson
June 16th: Happy Wedding Anniversary to David & Michelle Henke
June 24th: Happy Wedding Anniversary to Michael & Danna Swayden
July 21st:  Happy Wedding Anniversary to Amechi & Rose Onoh
July 23rd: Happy Ordination Anniversary to Father Assaad!!
August 4th:  Happy Wedding Anniversary to Carmelo & Sonia Pacheco
September 6th: Happy Wedding Anniversary to Nick & Jo Cvetovich
September 29th: Happy Wedding Anniversary to Chris & Candace Swayden

In Memoriam:

Our Deepest Sympathies to Cindy Said on the loss of her father, † Joe Souther †, 66, of Lewisville, Texas, who passed away on Friday, July 24, 2015.  Please pray for the repose of his soul and the comfort of Cindy and her family.

40 days & 1 year Memorials:

Sunday, August 9th: 1 yr Memorial 
† Elia & Latife Souaid †, parents of Marlene ElAshkar

Sunday, September 13th: 1 yr Memorial
† Andre Makdissi † of the Makdissi Family


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