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Advent Reflection December 2014


Day of Reflection March 2014


We thank Fr. Robert Maguire (Cistercian Abbey and University of Dallas) for his inspiring talk on the “The Meaning of Lent in a Catholic Faith Journey.” Saturday, March 15, 2014 8:30 AM – 12 Noon at the Church Hall. The following is a recap of Fr. Maguire talk: Fr. Maguire divided his presentation into two parts. He began with a discussion of how original sin separated Adam and Eve not only from God but also from their true selves. The fall of humanity represents a fragmentation of the human being. The human being we become when we follow our selfish desires conflicts with the human being God wanted us to be from the moment of our conception. However, God allowed the fall to occur because He knew that He would provide redemption through His mercy – the incarnation of Christ and His subsequent suffering, death and resurrection we remember this time of year. In the second half of the presentation, Fr. Maguire spoke of how Lent provides an opportunity to reorient ourselves back to God. The self-discipline demanded by acts of penance retrains the passions to assist us when seeking “the good.” When combined with the virtue of charity, penance transforms us through the redemptive power of God’s mercy and love. A person then thrives under the paradox of living within the dimension of grace: submitting to the will of God allows one to discover true freedom as he or she is released from the bondage of sin. Fr. Maguire concluded his talk with three practical suggestions for a spirit-filled season of Lent: be faithful to prayer, make time for spiritual reading and ask God to reveal the dominant passion in our lives and to assist us in redirecting it to follow His will. Finally, Lent is truly a time to “let go, and let God take charge.”

Easter Sunday 2014


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